Wednesday, November 14, 2018

RHIC/AGS UEC Diversity Working Group Page

About the RHIC/AGS Users Executive Committee Diversity Working Group:  Our flyer.
Our current membership list

Our UEC Diversity WG diversity materials google drive folder which includes a folder with our meeting materials.

Recent News / Activities:

- October '20:  Please consider participation in the 2020 Annual Meeting of the National Society of Black Physicists
-June '20:  Obviously we believe Black Lives Matter!
-June '19: We held another successful Diversity and Career Workshop at the 2019 Annual Users Meeting
-Oct. '18 : As discussed at our UEC meeting in October 2018, the entire UEC would like to reaffirm our strong recognition that the advances which RHIC has ushered in all areas including theory, experiment, accelerator physics and beyond, have had many important contributions from women and other minorities. We strongly believe that continuing to strive for a more diverse User and overall scientific community in relativistic heavy ion physics is important and we remain committed as a UEC to this goal.

Links Related to Past Activities:

-Fall '17-Early '18 Materials from meeting summarizing some activities at the end of the DWG's 2nd year and some previous materials
-June '16 All-Day Diversity Workshop at the 2016 Annual Users Meeting: Who is doing Science, Who Isn't and Why?
(Special thanks to Organizers Agnes Mocsy and Javier Orjuela Koop)
A few links that speakers pointed us to are:
-Implicit Bias Test (IAT at Harvard)

Links for Helpful Diversity Sites/Info:

-BNL Diversity And Inclusion Office
-BNL Lacatation Page (Rooms onsite, policies, etc.)
- The discussion in the Oct. '18 UEC meeting that led to the statement elsewhere on this page was partially motivated by this situation.
-Our UEC Diversity WG diversity materials google drive folder: Special thanks to Claudia Ratti (University of Houston) for providing content of general value in diversity and women in science matters.   You can find a guide to the files in this folder here.

UEC Published Diversity Data:

-Under construction

List of Diversity WG Members
Email: Justin Frantz (Ohio University) UEC Diversity Working Group Chair